Simple, Natural Ingredients.

Keep your pup healthy and happy. Satisfy their cravings without added preservatives. Charlie's Doggie Bag is the easy way to treat your furry friend naturally.

Healthy dog treats in honor of Charlie!

Give your pup the best with Charlie's Doggie Bag. Our treats are made with love and provide wholesome nutrition. We believe in making treats that honor our furry friends' unique needs, so we guarantee all-natural, preservative-free ingredients. Charlie Approved!

Rave Reviews for Charlie’s Doggie Bag

Charlie’s Doggie Bag has supported Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue (DLRR) for many years and generously donates to our annual Ladies for Labs High Tea at The Phoenician every year. Recently, our Zeus Oncology Fund (a fund to help our Labs with cancer treatment) went to visit one of our sick labs and his appetite has not been so good. However, he did eat Charlie’s Doggie Bag treats. Thank you for all the amazing work you do.

Melissa K. April 2018 (DLRR & ZOF)

My black lab, Fenway, loves Charlie’s Doggie Bag Treats and cannot get
enough of them! She breaks in to the snack cabinet often and brings a
bag of Beef Jerky or Pork Loin out and drops it on the floor for someone to open for her. SHE LOVES THEM!

Cindy I. January 2021

I looked and looked and tried and tried many treats for my 4# doggie. Most treats she didn’t like. I purchased Charlies chicken strips
about a year ago – SHE LOVES them. I also got the carrot, but I buy the chicken strips by the pound and have them safely and properly mailed to me. I trust this brand and my happy doggie trusts it too. Happy dog, happy mama!

Happy Mama March 2019

I discovered Charlie’s Doggie Bag while walking around the Peoria farmers market with my 10 week old puppy named Charlie. It was kismet!! She’s now almost 9 months old and still goes crazy over the “chimken”. I moved to Maryland shortly after getting harlie and still continue to place online orders. All three of our dogs are bonkers for the chicken
jerky. Incredibly fresh and NO added ingredients! I can’t say enough positive things about these treats.

Lisa A.

Our Luna, an “almost two-year-old” Maltese was a super picky eater! We had trouble getting her to eat anything at all. Now that we’ve discovered Charlie’s Doggie Bag she heads right for her dish and eats every bite, as soon as she hears the kibbles being poured! That’s because we shake on a tablespoon of Charlie’s food topper, her favorite is beef! She also knows that every night after she’s eaten her super she gets a few of the Pork Jerky Treats! She absolutely loves Charlie’s Doggie Bag and so do we. Luna is healthy, happy and strong!

Karen K. March 2019

“Chance will not go to bed without one of these treats . . . he knows quality when he gets it! Thank you for making a product that does not have any preservatives that are harmful to him.”

Debbie S. April 2018

I am a pet sitter and I’ve been taking samples to my clients. The
dogs love them and I love introducing owners to them because these
treats are pure and locally made.

Valerie H. February 2020

“Thank you for the best treats ever! My one-year-old yorkie, Diesel,
absolutely goes nuts over them. My new baby Yorkie, Dooley, is 10 weeks old and obsessed. Great potty training tools. My 13 year old Yorkie, Daisy, has lost some of her teeth and she does well with them too.”

Anonymous March – 2020

“❤️Omg!!!❤️My dogs TOBY and DIXI love all Charlie’s treats!!! They fight over it all the time. Great natural, high quality products hard to find elsewhere. Well done!”

Malgorzata October – 2019

Thank You… We lost our 10 year old Morkie to
liver and spleen cancer in Phoenix on April 27th. Odus lost his appetite for everything except Charlie’s Jerky Treats and we wanted to thank you for helping us give him some joy & nutrition in his final days! We are from Canada & wish we could get your product here for our other Morkie. Thanks for creating this healthy tasty treat!

Joanne May 2018

Bella loves treats from Charlie’s doggie bag and I love giving them to her. I know they are wholesome and good for her. I have been
recommending them to everyone. All I have to say is “Bella, want
chicken?” and she comes running!

Joy C. March 2018

We originally discovered Charlie’s doggie bag at AJ’s. When we couldn’t find them there one time, we checked online, and now we do all of our ordering here. Our toy poodle, Remi, LOVES the thicker cut and the
thin chicken jerky, and trained himself to go over to the refrigerator, tag the door and then us to let us know he wants a treat. I love that the product is made in AZ and is all natural. You can’t go wrong with these!

Lynn S. February – 2018

My Shih Tzu, Romeo cannot get enough of treats from Charlie’s Doggie Bag. His favorites are the chicken jerky, the pork chips and the chicken carrot sliders. I have to order several bags at a time so I don’t run out. These treats are high quality, pure lean protein, and they are the only treats I give my pup. ?

Kelley S. February – 2018